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Our customers come first at R&R Transportation Inc. Always.

When you ship your freight with R&R Transportation Inc., you get more than just a professional trucking carrier. You get a full-service transportation and logistics provider with a staff of experienced transportation specialists. When you need a full truckload or less than a truckload shipment delivered in North Carolina or out of state, we’ll help you get it there—on time, every time. That’s our sincere promise to you.

R&R Transportation specialize in the following trucking carrier and transportation services in North Carolina:

  • Same-day local deliveries
  • Next-day transfers
  • Full truckload transports
  • Local less than truckload consignments (LLTL)
  • Regional shipments
  • Hot Shots
  • Air freight cargo
  • 24/7 trucking services


As with any business, we’ve had our humble beginnings. Karl Robinson started R&R Transportation back in 1990 with just a $3,000 loan and a dream. Karl worked all day and late into the nights often in those early days—and still puts in long hours today. He set out to create a business that not only served the local Greensboro community, but gave back to it as well. We’ll tell you more about that in a bit…

Now, 27 years later, R&R Transportation is still growing strong.

Nearly 6,000 annual shipments throughout North Carolina
totaling more than 63 million pounds!


“I’ve set out to grow one of North Carolina’s finest trucking carriers. Serving our customers is a dedicated, 24-7 job, and we’re proud to do it,” says R&R Transportation owner Karl Robinson. “We take the time to hire and train drivers that project the R&R values with every shipment they deliver.”

Every truck driver gets a business card because they’re part of the R&R Team. In fact, our drivers are quite literally the driving force behind our brand. We’re proud of them, and we’re confident that they serve our customers well.

R&R’s trucking fleet is continually growing. As one of North Carolina’s best trucking carriers, we currently own 12 total trucks, including 9 tractor trailers and 3 straight trucks. And when those trucks are full, we’ve got more at our disposal.

Last year, we ran nearly 6,000 in-state shipments throughout North Carolina totaling more than 63 million pounds! That’s nearly 20 a day for every day of the year. And we drove well over 100 shipments out of state as well, totaling more than 1 million pounds.

“Serving our customers is a dedicated, 24-7 job, and we’re proud to do it.”
~ Karl Robinson, owner R&R Transportation Inc.


One of the first things you’ll discover is that R&R Transportation answers your call on the first ring—every time! Our customers appreciate that we take the time to provide prompt and courteous service. And when they reap the benefits of our one-on-one, personal attention, they have peace of mind knowing they’ve come to the right place.

R&R Transportation Inc. began as a family business. And we’re still a family business today. That’s why our customers are like family to us. We enjoy getting to know our North Carolina clients on both a professional and personal level. Whether you’re having a great day or a not-so-great day, we want to hear about it. What’s going on in your life? We’re all ears…

What’s more… Our drivers and office staff  care about every customer. R&R Transportation Inc. values each of our North Carolina customers and their opinions. Since 1990, our premier service and customer dedication have led to the success of not only our thriving business, but the business success of our customers as well. We’re proud to serve as your North Carolina trucking carrier.


R&R Transportation Inc. Awards & Accolades

  • Piedmont Business Ethics Award, 2012
  • Minority Business Person of the Year, 1998


Our success is contingent on your success. When our customers know they can depend on us for speedy, on-time shipments, then their customers can most certainly depend on them!

We hold our customers in high regard and place them at the forefront of every decision we make. We invite you to visit our Testimonials  page to see what our customers are saying. And while you’re there, feel free to drop us some feedback as well. We’d love to hear from you!

R&R Transportation answers your call on the first ring—every time!


We stand by our commitment to deliver the superior service you deserve. Every shipment transported by R&R Transportation Inc.—whether it’s LLTL (Local Less Than Truckload®), Hot Shot or a full truckload—is customized to meet your specific needs.

So what do you need shipped in North Carolina or out of state? And how fast do you need it to arrive? We’ve got you covered! We’re your reliable North Carolina trucking carrier. Call R&R Transportation Inc. TODAY!

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