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At R&R Transportation, we’ve created a NEW category of trucking to serve the growing needs of our shippers. LLTL® trucking —“LOCAL LESS THAN TRUCKLOAD”® —is our unique shipping service, providing direct shipping within a 100-mile radius of our central office located in Greensboro, North Carolina (27407). Our LLTL trucking shipments service North Carolina zip codes ranging from 270–274 with same-day, next-day and expedited freight shipping.

Our dependable, LLTL direct service shifts your delivery cycle into high speed. Through LLTL trucking, we can assist you in leveraging the strength of just-in-time distribution. In addition, you can use our trucking service to build a strong advantage over your competition. Our exclusive LLTL trucking carrier service is available within a 100-mile radius of Greensboro, North Carolina, including Southern Virginia.


LLTL trucking throughout North Carolina and Southern Virginia allows us to serve our customers in new ways:

  • Reduced Costs: 20–25% more economical than other carriers
  • Increased Service: 24/7 same-day, next-day, or expedited service
  • Reduced Freight Handling: Dock to dock with NO carrier interchange
  • Increased Efficiency: Internet-based, real-time data


Discover how LLTL Trucking can help your business. Here are the steps:

  • Get a Quote
  • Create a Shipment
  • Schedule a Pickup


Visit our LLTL Calculator  to discover the savings your company could be receiving.



R&R Transportation Provides Regional LLTL Trucking Service

Our direct LLTL trucking service takes you where you need to be. Through our custom rates, you can take advantage of consistent, reliable regional trucking service. LLTL shipping allows us to have more control and flexibility over the shipment process, and decrease our costs—and yours.


Several main factors help determine your LLTL shipping rates:

  • Shipping Distance
  • Shipping Weight
  • Freight Classification


What Is LTL Transport?

LTL Transport shipments service smaller businesses and smaller shipment needs.

Throughout the United States, products and merchandise are moved from point to point anywhere in the country by several different modes of transportation: land, air, rail, and water. Truck shipments offer shippers immense flexibility due at a comparatively low land transportation cost. In addition, land truck transportation can move large items faster than by rail because the shipment itself is not dependent on the railroad’s—or any other industry’s—schedule.

Most general freight carriers schedule large on-the-road shipments that are transported by full truckload service. These full truckloads are typically transported in 48-foot trailers, 53-foot trailers, and overseas shipping containers. Full truckload shipments service one pick-up customer and one delivery customer per truck.

However, not all shippers are able to fill these larger trailers. In fact, most shipments —especially regional shipments—require less than a truckload of space. So LTL truck freight shipments are meant to accommodate multiple pick-up and delivery customers on a single truck. LTL transport shipments result in a more cost-effective way for smaller shippers to transport goods.


LTL transport shipments and LLTL trucking offer a variety of services:

  • Liftgate pickup and delivery
  • Residential pickup and delivery
  • Corporate and business shipping
  • Loading dock pickup and delivery
  • Ramp pickup and delivery


LTL transport shipments—Less than a Truckload shipping—are a great way to transport your truck freight and only pay for the space you use. If your shipment doesn’t fill an entire truck, R&R Transportation Inc. can accommodate your shipment needs. R&R Transportation Inc. specializes in combining one or more smaller shipments on a small truck or larger trailer. We’ll then schedule the pickups and deliveries sequentially to get your products to their destination as fast and inexpensive as possible.

LTL truck freight shipping helps drive value to each of our customers by allowing them to better focus on their core business. Additionally, our customers are better able to manage their own transportation departments and decrease their necessary resources.


Reliable LLTL Trucking Shipments

Our LLTL trucking services are both reliable and backed by our guaranteed trucking services. We’ll transport your cargo to its destination on time and intact.

We invite you to ship your LLTL freight with the fastest, friendliest, and most affordable carrier. We are proud to serve all of North Carolina and southern Virginia.


How Do LTL and LLTL Shipping Rates Work?

LTL and LLTL Shipping rates are determined by weight, class, fuel surcharges, pick-up location, and delivery destination zip codes, as well as any additional services required. Fuel surcharges are updated weekly and are based on the national average cost of diesel fuel. The fuel cost and surcharges are divided among the customers who fill a truck.

With the rising cost of shipping and fuel, many customers have been surprised by a higher rate. When the economy is doing well, trucks are filled more frequently and fuel costs and surcharges can be shared among more shippers. However if the economy dips, not as many businesses are shipping. Thus trucks may not be filled to capacity and fuel fees and surcharges are shared among fewer shippers.

At R&R Transportation Inc., we create more of a win-win environment for our customers by pricing our shipments competitively, allowing you to save the most money on your LLTL shipping costs.


What do you need shipped within North Carolina or Southern Virginia? And how fast do you need it to arrive? We’ve got you covered! We’re your reliable North Carolina LLTL trucking carrier.

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