Meet The Staff

Donta has been with the company for over 14 years. He displays a great sensor of humor among co-workers and customers.


Ferris started out part-time before transitioning to full time. He has been with the company over 7 years showing reliability on and off duty.


James fills the company with joy of laughter throughout his 15 years of service.


Odell focuses on his co-workers well-being earning the name safety man with over 6 years of service.


Leon also known as the great leader and trainer of new employees has been with the company for over 6 years.


Theresa is delightful to work with, polite and outgoing personality, a proven asset to R&R Transportation and you can always find a spot of pink around her.


Lee has been with the company for 1 year but doesn’t mind going the distance to complete any task.


Bernard is reliable, dependable, and eclectic taste in food, and always has a story to delight you with.


Garland  has been with the company for over three years. Garland’s hobby is having fun with his Nitro RC Cars.


Stacy a new member to the R&R family with under one year of service; we welcome him to a long  rewarding career with R&R Transportation Inc.


Lashelle brings great value to the company with a background in finance and over 20 years of service.


Allen the doyen of logistics answers all questions concerning R&R Transportation Inc with over 25 years of service.


Dennis services the vehicles to comply with federal guidelines on the operation of motor vehicle; he contributes his expertise in other areas of the business with 1 year of service.