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R&R Transportation, Inc—Your LLTL® Trucking Carrier

At R&R Transportation, Inc. we’ve created a NEW category of trucking to serve the growing needs of our shippers. LLTL® trucking —“LOCAL LESS THAN TRUCKLOAD”® —is our unique shipping service, providing direct shipping within a 100-mile radius of our central office located in Greensboro, North Carolina (27407). Our LLTL trucking shipments service North Carolina zip codes ranging from 270–274 with same-day, next-day, and expedited freight shipping. Our dependable, LLTL direct service shifts your delivery cycle into high speed. Through LTL trucking, we can assist you in leveraging the strength of the just-in-time distribution. In addition, you can use our trucking service to build a strong advantage over your competition. Our exclusive LLTL trucking carrier service is available within a 100-mile radius of Greensboro, North Carolina.

LLTL trucking throughout North Carolina allows us to serve our customers in new ways:
  • Reduced Costs: 20–25% more economical than other carriers Increased Service: 24/7 same-day, next-day, or expedited service
  • Increased Efficiency: Internet-based, real-time data
Discover how LLTL Trucking can help your business. Here are the steps:
  • Get a Quote Create a Shipment
  • Schedule a Pickup
R&R Transportation, Inc. Provides Regional LLTL Trucking Service
  • Our direct LLTL trucking service takes you where you need to be. Through our custom rates, you can take advantage of consistent, reliable regional trucking service. LLTL shipping allows us to have more control and flexibility over the shipment process, and decrease our costs—and yours.
Several main factors help determine your LLTL shipping rates:
  • Shipping Distance Shipping Weight
  • Freight Classification

Your Dependable Full Truckload Transportation Company.

We’re your reliable full truckload transportation company in North Carolina. No matter how large or small your product is—and no matter the size of your total shipment—R&R Transportation, Inc. has both the truck drivers and equipment to get it there on time. Our family-run business values hard work, honesty, respect, attention to detail, commitment, teamwork, and personal service with a smile. You’ll find that our work environment is built on courtesy, friendliness, top-notch service, dedication, and enthusiasm. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service.

Our full truckload and next-day trucking services provide the following trailer sizes with air-ride options for optimal cargo protection:
  • 48-foot trailers 53-foot trailers
R&R Transportation Inc. specializes in the following truckload transportation services in North Carolina:
  • Same-day local deliveries Next-day transfers
    • Full truckload transports
    • 24/7 trucking services
    • Freight Shipping Services
  • Business Shipments